Yadif Deinterlace for Sony Vegas

Yadif Deinterlace for Sony Vegas Image
Yadif deinterlacer OFX plugin for Sony Vegas

This is a port of Yadif (yet another deinterlacing filter) for using with Sony Vegas.


Please copy included

  • Yadif Deinterlace.ofx.bundle


  • C:\Program Files\Sony\Vegas Pro 10.0\OFX Video Plug-Ins

If Sony Vegas installed to a different directory, then please copy it accordingly to the inner "OFX Video Plug-Ins" folder of Sony Vegas.


  1. For the target clip, in the properties set 'Progressive', even though it is interlaced, so that Vegas does not deinterlace it.
    Alternatively set Deinterlace method in the project properties to 'None'.
  2. Insert Yadif Deinterlace as Media FX (note, NOT video FX or track FX, but Media FX) on the clip.
  3. Setup Yadif Deinterlace parameters to select field order and rendering parity
    (parity defines which field will be left unchanged and which interpolated).

Step #3 is optional, since in most of cases default plugin parameters are suitable.

Please note, that due to restrictions of how Vegas works, this plugin cannot be used to increase frame rate or to create a smooth slow-motion sequence from interlaced video.

Alternative way

If you want to insert it to all interlaced media in the Vegas project at once, then run the script 'Apply Yadif to All Media.cs', which is enclosed in the archive.

To run the script, select Tools -> Scripting -> Run Script... in the Vegas menu and navigate to the script file.

If you insert more media to the project, just re-run the script. It will not touch already processed files.

The script does automatically the same procedure as described above.

For Developers

Source code is included in the ZIP archive. Compilation instructions:

  1. Place all OFX SDK and OFX SDK Support includes into ../includes folder relative to the plugin source code.
  2. Place OFX SDK Support source files (ofx*.cpp) to ../Library relative to the plugin source code.
  3. Run nmake -f Makefile32 under 32-bit compiler environment
  4. Run nmake -f Makefile64 under 64-bit compiler environment

Mac OS X port

Mr.Frederic Devernay created a github repository with this plugin's port to OS X. The plugin was tested with Nuke and is reported to work. Please check the following link:



All supplemental code written by me is placed in public domain. Yadif algorithm code part itself is licensed GPL (as the original yadif plugin).

See the comments in the source code.